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The “Military Virtual Training Market” shares the potential supply and demand, value, competition of the market as well as the top players to watch within this emerging market. Different organizations, manufacturers, and vendors also play a role in the market. 

These top players are employing different growth strategies, strategic partnerships, and collaborations across the market. They include:

L-3 Link Simulation and Training specify its major offerings include Aviation & Defense Solutions, ISR Systems, Cybersecurity, Communications & Network Systems, and Electronic Systems.

Boeing specifies their major offering areas as Engineering, Modifications & Maintenance, Supply Chain Management, Training & Professional Services, Digital Solutions & Analytics, Digital Solutions & Analytics, Military Aircraft Modernization, Lifecycle Sustainment and Modernization, Army, Navy & Marine Services.

CAE Inc. specifies their major offering areas as Simulation and Training, Flight Simulation, Modelling and Simulation Technologies, Simulation for Healthcare, Simulation for Mining, Training Centres, C++, Gaming, Software Design, C, Software Engineering, Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, and Virtual Reality.

FlightSaftey International specifies their major offering areas as Aircrew Training Systems, Commercial & Military Aviation Simulation, Visual Systems, Business & Regional Pilot Training, Aviation Maintenance Training, Corporate & Commercial Flight Attendant Training, FAA Dispatch Training, and Corporate Scheduler Training, AR/VR Military, AR/VR Transportation, Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, and Extended Reality.

Thales specifies their major offering areas as Air Defense Solutions, Land Operations, Naval Forces Solution, Joint Defense Operations, Training Solutions, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Systems, Mission-Critical Communications, Radio Communications, Critical Information Systems, and Cybersecurity.

Lockheed Martin specifies their major offering areas as Advanced Manufacturing, Aircraft Leadership, Autonomous and Unmanned Systems, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Solutions, Cyber Systems, Directed Energy, Electronic Warfare, Energy Management, Maritime Systems, Missile Defense, Multi-Domain Operations, Radar & Sensors, Space Systems, Training, Logistics & Sustainment, and Weapon Systems.

Cubic Corporation specifies its major offering areas as C4ISR Solutions, Transportation and Traffic Management Systems, and Training Solutions.

Rheinmentall Defense specifies their major offering areas as Subsistence (Basic Research); Weapons (Management/Support); and Ships (Management/Support), among other offerings.

Raytheon specifies their major offering areas as Missile Defense, Command and Control, Sensors and Imaging, Cyber, Electronic Warfare, Precision Weapons, Training and Mission Support, Innovations, and Raytheon Professional Services.

Rockwell Collins specifies its major offering areas as Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Defense & Government, Airports, Rail, Critical Infrastructure, and Service Solutions.

Elbit Systems specifies their major offering areas as Military Aircraft, Helicopter Systems, Helmet Mounted Systems, Commercial Aviation Systems, Aerostructures, Unmanned Surface Vessels, Electro-Optic System, Land Vehicle Systems, Command, Control, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Intelligence Systems, UAS, Artillery Systems, Naval Systems, Homeland Security Systems, Defense Electronics, Lens Manufacturing, Aeronautical and Nautical System, Aircraft Manufacturing, Automobile Manufacturing, Boat Building, Electromagnetic Spectrum, and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM).

Virtual Reality Media specifies their major offering areas as Cyber-Physical Systems, Modular Systems, Visual Systems, Tactical Systems, Testing of Components, Repairs of Systems, Installations, Upgrades of System, Military Training Centers, Civil Training Centers, Combat Training, and Tactical Training. 

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