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GovShop is a match-making platform that brings together government buyers and companies in a single, connected marketplace. GovShop has government buyers from over 250 agencies across Federal, state and local agencies and government opportunities aggregated from across a hundred sources – all in a free, easy to use, powerful platform.

VR/AR Association members can avail additional special benefits through VR/AR’s Partnership with GovShop:

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GovShop is your capture team: it aggregates opportunities from across 100 sources — so you don’t have to check multiple sites to find contracts from federal, state, and local governments.
  • Personalize your company’s dashboard
  • Choose keywords to automatically match with contracts
  • Save and track contracts you are interested in

In addition to the free platform, VR/AR Association members can also avail a 10% discounted subscription — which delivers matched opportunities directly to your inbox, amplifies your reach through marketing, and includes a digital capabilities statement. Your coupon code is VRAR10.  Learn more at