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We’ve featured 10 diverse and emerging Clean technology suppliers that range across Energy-Efficiency technologies, Mobility and Transportation Technologies, Energy Storage, and others. Through this post, we’re aiming for these established suppliers to secure twofold recognition in the government market community via GovShop which is an AI-driven public sector market intelligence platform for suppliers and buyers.

CleanTech is a booming sector and renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly popular around the world. We have used the data from our online platform to focus on the Cleantech diverse and emerging backgrounds of the listed suppliers pivoting their major functionalities, and worldwide accepted terminologies, which might assist a buyer make an informed decision.

10 CleanTech Companies supplying in the Government Market, by GovShop:

Livingston energy group

1. Livingston Energy Group : Founded in 2016 by energy efficiency professionals, Livingston Energy Group aim to build an increasingly robust EV charging network for the benefit of all station owners, drivers, and stakeholders. Moreover, it covers a wide range of topics from basic project consultations to thorough turnkey energy upgrades. Livingston Energy Group purpose is to make more efficient technologies, such as Level 2 and DCFC EV charging stations and charge management software, more widely adopted in order to optimize their clients added value while also contributing to carbon offsets.

Above all, Livingston is one of the leading emerging company and takes pride in its dedication to customer service and Transparency. It was also awarded as ‘Best Place to Work ” by Albany Business Review’s 2021.

2.Community Energy Labs:  Community Energy labs is a woman -owned award wining company founded by Tanya Barham in 2019 with a goal to enable affordable decarbonization of community buildings by 2030.  With their grid-smart building controls, commercial building owners and facility managers can upgrade and autonomously operate clean, affordable, all-electric buildings without sacrificing occupant comfort, or disrupting power markets or the grid. Moreover their goal is to develop a grid-smart platform to help small and mid-sized commercial buildings fulfill their goals of becoming energy efficient.

Being Awarded SBIR Phase I From the Department of Energy, they’re also a part of Public Spend Forum’s GovMarket Growth Program, as well as Public Spend Forum and Shatter Fund’s Women-Led Tech Accelerator Cohort.

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3.Green Canopy NODE: Green Canopy is an award-winning urban infill developer who recently merged with NODE to create Green Canopy NODE. Green Canopy NODE is a vertically integrated construction technology firm and fund manager. With a focus on Green Construction, Sustainable Homes, and Impact Investing, it covers a wide range of other topics. However, their team brings depth to the industry by offering development, design, and general contracting services to third-party developers, property owners, Limited Partners, and sustainable real estate investors.

Rhombus energy solutions

4.Rhombus Energy Solutions: Rhombus Energy Solutions was founded in 2012 by some of the best engineers in the industry with a vision of self Self-Sustainable, Zero Emissions and High-Power Charging. They also provide power conversion and energy management systems for energy storage, microgrids, vehicle charging and test equipment applications.

Moreover, Rhombus Energy Solutions is recognized with multiple awards, amongst which the most recent one is BESTFIT Innovative Charging Solutions award for the clean Transportation Program GFO-20-605. They were also awarded as Best Cleantech company in Michigan 2020″by Centrepolis Accelerator.

Natel Energy

5.Natel Energy: Natel Energy was Co-founded in 2009 by Gia Schneider , She is dedicated to discovering cost-effective ways to combat climate change, promote sustainable development, and provide affordable renewable energy. Natel Energy has a mission to mitigate climate change and build climate resilience. The year to-date Natel Energy has shown tremendous growth by introducing their remarkable products of Hydropower.

Natel energy, Inc. is in the process of advancing their technology which was developed by utilizing unique machine learning approaches, a proprietary data platform, and a wide range of dynamic earth data, to produce accurate and trustworthy streamflow projections spanning short-term and seasonal forecasts.

6.EnergyX: EnergyX has been gradually gaining vast attention and Growth. Founded in 2018 by serial Entrepreneur Teague Egan, and a team of the world’s leading scientists and sustainable energy veterans with a mission first and foremost to continue to develop, enhance and scale their direct lithium extraction and solid-state battery technologies.

Furthermore EnergyX has been featured by various Magazines and Broadcasting channels like BBC, NewYork Times and Bloomberg for its ideology of low carbon and sustainable future.

Pecan Street

7.Pecan Street: Pecan Street “Innovation in the Cloud — A World of Energy Data”, is a woman owned company founded by Suzanne Russo in 2009, with a wide focus on data development and product testing to boost climate and conservation solutions innovation. Furthermore, Pecan Street also provides a groundbreaking globally unique dataset to researchers investigating residential energy, power systems and water conservation.


8.Smartville: One of the innovators of  battery recycling and reuse, Smartville was formed in January 2019. They provide an end-to-end solution for the reuse and recycling of electric car batteries. Additionally, Smartville building block architecture enables stand-alone or large-scale deployment, and hot-swappable modules make installation and replacement quick and easy. Smartville received a seed grant from CalSEED in February 2019 after a strong start.

After a ground-breaking commencement they were awarded twice by the US Department of Energy for Battery Recycling Prize Phase I & II.

1s1 Energy

9.1s1 Energy: 1s1 Energy is a startup company founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and academics in 2019 with a mission to develop economically viable and scalable solutions to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

1s1 Energy is aiming to become the world’s leading manufacturer of water electrolysis systems for hydrogen production using renewable energy:Green Hydrogen. They are developing a breakthrough materials technology for a new generation of PEM water electrolysis systems for green hydrogen production. 1s1 Energy’s  solution minimizes the environmental impacts of the global demand for fossil fuels, which is set to increase by 75% by 2040.

Soltech Energies

10.Soltech Energies:  Soltech is a woman owned company, which kick started in year 2008 with specialties in Electrical services, energy-efficient goods, and alternative energy.

Soltech Energies uses solar power to provide affordable, reliable and clean electricity. Their manufacturers and customers are aware of their exceptional customer service and rely on them. Furthermore, the team at Soltech Energies is distinguished by their integrity, with that Soltech energies have been awarded multiple awards.