Covid-19: See latest data on suppliers and inventory

The free My GovShop Dashboard was launched January 2021 and is the newest product feature from Designed to help further reduce the barriers to entry into the government sector by helping businesses discover, follow, and monitor government opportunities across federal, state, and local agencies. 

Powered by GovShop’s machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, the My GovShop Dashboard will become your personalized opportunity curation engine that continuously monitors government opportunities in the market to find the most relevant opportunities for your organization- save time, money, and manpower.

At each subscription level: Free, Starter, and Accelerator, you can access different levels of the dashboard, including our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms which scan over 60+ resources and 100,000+ open opportunities from Federal, State, Local, agencies. These suggested opportunities are sent directly to your email and tagged to your dashboard to easily find, follow, and monitor. 

Once you are logged in to as a registered supplier on our site you will be redirected to the My GovShop Dashboard where you can start to populate your dashboard with keywords and locations to receive suggested and matched opportunities.