Covid-19: See latest data on suppliers and inventory

As traffic continues to build on GovShop we see more and more leading technology companies rising to the top when it comes to most viewed profiles.  Check out the top profiles that got the most views on GovShop week of June 3, 2019:

VerticalApps is an agile transformation consultancy for the U.S. government. They work with federal
agencies to achieve their mission by modernizing systems and technology and they’re passionate about
applying agile principles and practices to demonstrate the delivery of tangible and meaningful products.

Variq Corporation is an IT products and services company. Their offerings include software
development services, agile development, cloud solutions, and risk management among several other offerings. They have several existing contracts.

Securicon, LLC is a technical consulting services company headquartered in Alexandria, VA. Securicon’s offerings include vulnerability assessments, penetration assessments, governance, risk and compliance, and program assessments.

Fearless is a full-stack digital services and computer software firm headquartered in Baltimore, MD. Fearless specifies its offerings as design, development, DevOps & cloud, data analytics, geospatial, and agile coaching.

Prometheus, LLC is a consulting firm that offers cloud solutions, emerging technologies, data center & cyber operations, IT consulting & enablement, and business advisory.

You can also go directly to GovShop’s emerging technology markets to view Augmented and Virtual Reality companies, Agile Development firms, and cybersecurity companies. These innovative companies are just a few of the thousands of firms being viewed by government users across all levels of government. Check GovShop for your government needs and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

If you are a supplier, please go in and find your company or register. Completing your profile is the best way to get found!

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