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Businesses are in dire need of moving past the obsolete “trust but verify” model of security. Companies are offering innovative security solutions founded in a “Zero Trust Security framework” instead. This framework enforces the least privilege and never trusts, always verifies from within or without the network. AI and machine learning will be playing a major role in pushing cybersecurity suppliers even further at an increasing pace. The market is witnessing almost six times the investment in cybersecurity compared to 2018. Here are brief summaries of the top 10 cyber security companies to watch in 2019 according to Forbes:

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Absolute is currently a world leader and is embedded in over one billion endpoint devices to date. They recognize the problem of security breaches boils down to the endpoint where they discovered 42 percent are unprotected at any given time. Absolute is noted to cut through complexities at endpoints to better identify failures and refocus the security service.  

BlackBerry recently acquired Cylance for $1.4 billion to pull AI and machine learning expertise into their fold. Advances in AI technology will enable companies to protect entire enterprise systems with automated threat prevention, detection, and response as machines learn at increasing paces. Cylance stood apart with an algorithmic process which quickly and accurately parses our what is safe from what is a threat outside of a simple white and blacklisting. In this way, Cylance is better able to be more predictive and thereby proactive in its security measures––now falling under BlackBerry’s umbrella.

Cloudflare offers online services to protect website-based content. Their Cloudflare CDN spreads out website content globally to increase speeds alongside Cloudflare Security protecting these same websites from a variety of security threats. Cloudflare analytics help to analyze website data to reinforce security measures provided by Cloudflare Security.

Centrify is focusing heavily on Privileged Access Management to implement a Zero Trust Privilege approach.  Gartner predicts Privileged Access Management (PAM) to be the second-fastest growing section within information security. The least privilege access approach minimizes the range of possibilities for attack and thereby reduces risk significantly. Over half of the Fortune 100 use Centrify to prevent breaches.

Crowdstrike is one of the top 25 machine learning startups of 2019 and focuses their machine learning on endpoint detection, much like Absolute’s approach. Crowdstrike is responsible for exposing the Russian hackers of the Democratic National Committee. Their Falcon framework touts five-second visibility on all endpoints, past and present, while also reducing the cost and complexity.

Hunters.AI makes use of an autonomous threat-hunting system which detects signs of a potential cyber attack. They also reside in the top 25 machine learning startups alongside Crowdstrike.  

Idaptive is also noted for its Zero Trust approach. They ensure security by verifying every device and user and limiting their access to achieve security. Idaptive is a more focused buildout from Centrify.

Kount provides fraud management, identity verification, and online authentication tech to better protect against threats in real time. They specifically enable customers to approve more orders and overall improve their bottom line while minimizing the risk of fraud. Kount also makes use of AI and machine learning to maintain a competitive edge in the market. Their platform assigns risk scores to proactively prevent future instances of fraud.

MobileIron leads in the mobile device realm of this list of contenders. MobileIron is working on a zero sign-on (ZSO) technology which seeks to passwords a thing of the past. This zero-sign on is expected to be used to login to Cloud services and managed devices with ease and revolutionized security.

Sumo Logic provides a secured, cloud-native analytics service which aims to break through into large-scale enterprise, securing a competitive advantage. Sumo Logic delivers from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data points across its entire lifecycle and stack.

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