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The cybersecurity market report examines security technology and solutions while assessing the risks and operational issues relative to current and anticipated cybersecurity technologies. The report also analyzes the impact regionally and evaluates leading cybersecurity solution provider companies, products and solutions, and the impact on industry verticals. The report includes global and regional cybersecurity forecasts for the period 2020 to 2025 by product and solution, managed services, professional services, security type, deployment model, industry verticals, and threat platforms.

Enterprise and government spending on cybersecurity products, managed services, and professional services will be substantial over the course of the next few years. Damage control and mitigation solutions are seen as a critical portion of the cybersecurity market.

Evolving IoT systems and emerging 5G networks are seen as new opportunities for the cybersecurity market. Leading companies such as Palo Alto Networks, Cyberlance (BlackBerry), and others are poised to capitalize on the market for securing IoT and 5G based networks, systems, applications, and services. The use of AI is seen as a key tool for dealing with increasingly interconnected networks, devices, and open access to data. This is because AI solutions focus on behavior rather than relying upon identifying malware signatures.

While some of the same types of security solutions will be required for 5G as other ICT infrastructure elements, such as network firewall protection, there will also be many new areas of concern. Release 16 addresses many 5G security market issues including networking slicing access, small data mode, session management, mission-critical architecture, and edge devices. The standard may also address security in support of voice continuity, 5G LAN, and a few notable other areas including enhanced URL LC and virtualization security and restrictions on local operators.

Select findings discuss how government-driven 5G replacement creates a new cybersecurity opportunity and securing data, OS, and networks from spoofing is a fast-growing opportunity. Additionally, government-mandated cybersecurity requirements are emerging as a major catalyst for revenue growth.

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