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Contact tracing is the public health practice of informing people when they’ve been exposed to a contagious disease and it’s used by health departments to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. This is typically done by a workforce of people who can interview those with COVID-19 to identify everyone they had close contact with during the time they may have been infectious, then notifying contacts of their potential exposure and referring contacts for testing.

But mobile contact-tracing apps can also track users that have been in proximity to and can then alert all affected users when one of them confirms positive for infection. Some contact tracing apps can also warn users when an infected person is nearby, preventing possible spread of infection, or even track whether an infected user is following social-distancing guidelines.

GovShop, powered by Public Spend Forum’s expertise in data and procurement, is providing supplier verification, contract identification, and real-time inventory availability in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response efforts. Here, we highlight our newest supplier category, contact tracing apps, within our coronavirus (COVID‑19) dataset.

Below, we have highlighted suppliers from the protective barriers category but for the full list of suppliers, please visit the GovShop category page.

Contact Tracing Apps

Learn more about these suppliers and others on GovShop. Additionally, read more about:

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