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GovShop has a huge database with information on minority-owned and small, emerging businesses within the cyber security market

Cyberthreats to government agencies continue to increase, putting civilian and classified information at risk. While many agencies are vulnerable to security breaches, more aren’t sure how to determine what kind of secure software even runs on their systems. Unfortunately, these issues leave government agencies and networks vulnerable to security attacks or threats. But with proper cyber security solutions, agencies can prevent and defend against attacks on valuable digital data.

GovShop’s platform contains nearly 19,000 suppliers that are in the cyber security market, of which over 90 percent are non-traditional and emerging companies. Companies involved with cyber security may include offering areas in cyber security services, cyber security software, and cyber security hardware.

GovShop also has over 1,000 cyber companies that are segmented in categories ranging from Cyber Application Security Software to Cyber Security Audit, Risk, Compliance to Cyber Threat Detection, and Intelligence Security Software. Not only does the platform have a large number of suppliers, but the suppliers on the platform come from a wide range of verticals within the broad cyber industry, two of which are highlighted below.

Out of the nearly 19,000 suppliers that are in the cyber security market on GovShop’s platform, 435 have set-aside status and 594 have minority ownership. Around 100 suppliers, of which about 30 percent are minority-owned businesses, have also been awarded SBIR Awards. 

GovShop’s robust and comprehensive list of suppliers ensures that government is able to source and find emerging, innovative companies to best fit their needs. Additionally, there are small businesses and minority-owned companies in the cyber industry that many may have not have known about before.

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