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Rensair is a hospital-grade portable air purifier that removes airborne pollutants and pathogens, including the coronavirus, from indoor spaces. Their patented technology uses advanced purification technology including HEPA13 filters and UVC light. With effectiveness of >99.97% that has been proven by independent laboratories, Rensair provides industry-leading air purification.

For over a decade, Rensair has been primarily used by Scandinavian hospitals. But in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, they are introducing the product to businesses globally and is now available to governments, schools, universities, offices, and more.

We sat down with Rensair co-founder Christian Hendriksen as he discussed the company, how the product is evolving to meet changing needs, and what to be on the lookout for in the near future. Read more about this innovative company and how their tech is helping with the COVID-19 response below!

To start, tell us about Rensair.

Rensair is a company that was originally founded in Denmark, but is now based out of the UK. We have patented air purification signalling that essentially uses the same principle as you would have in the duct system leading into an operating theater. We combine a HEPA13 filter with UVC light and thereby we not only stop bacteria and viruses that are airborne from going through the air but we use the UVC light to then disinfect that filter surface. 

That means that we effectively always have a clean product — we’re not a sender of the contamination. And that’s why we believe in the current environment we have a differentiated product that has a very wide applicability.

When was the company formed and how long has Rensair been doing this?

The invention here was made 18 years ago and originally patented 18 years ago, but we’ve since made a number of updates. Historically, we’ve been only focused on the Scandinavian hospital sector, but in light of everything that’s happened this year with COVID-19, we’ve now expanded our focus both geographically and also into other sectors than just hospitals. 

Can you talk a little bit about how the problem that you’re solving has evolved and how you’re addressing the needs that have come up because of COVID-19?

Absolutely. So you can say air purification has always been a requirement, but has, to a large extent, been nice to have in many settings outside operating theaters and hospitals. And that whole thesis is now changing with COVID-19. We now have a virus in the air that’s potentially harmful for the majority of the population. And therefore what we really do at Rensair is we have air purification technology that captures airborne bacteria, but then also with the UVC light keeps our product sterile at all times. And in this current environment with COVID-19, we are now broadly looking at the market in three segments: we have the hospital-grade air purification technology; then we have commercial and residential air purifiers; and we are now seeing a big part of the residential and commercial space as now being interested in this hospital-grade technology because it’s built and developed to deal with potentially harmful viruses like the one we’re experiencing now on a global scale.

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Can you tell us anything as you look ahead about innovations or changes that you’ll be making in your business to address some of those things?

You can say we have a product that has actually been around for a long time, but we are making some modifications in operated versions that we plan to bring out during 2021. The idea is really more to play with different types of environments. So the current unit works in a broad range of settings but we have demand for both smaller units for smaller areas and potentially in vehicles. 

Likewise, we also see demand for really big areas and thereby we would be able to create a different solution with larger processing capacity. But the advantage — one of the main advantages of our system — is that the units are additive. So if you work in a very big space, you can simply deploy more units and thereby achieve the same desired effect.

As we finish off, is there anything else that you would like us to know about you or your company or what you’re building?

We have quite an interesting history in the sense that the product was originally invented by my father, who’s an engineer. He’s run the company for the past 16, 18 years and now in the light of COVID and that combined with his retirement, it’s really sort of the next generation of the family business that’s taking over. So we are now looking at not only focusing on very new segments in Scandinavia, i.e. hospitals, care homes, etc., we’re now focusing much more broadly about bringing this product to the States, across Europe, and beyond.      

It was great speaking with Christian. Be sure to learn more about this innovative company by checking out their complete GovShop profile.

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