Covid-19: See latest data on suppliers and inventory

GovShop has been closely working with government organizations to assist in the COVID-19 response by providing free and current information on suppliers that can meet emerging needs. It’s been shown that COVID-19 is not solely passed from person-to-person through respiratory droplets, but also through contaminated surfaces such as doorknobs, keyboards, and toys. The use of disinfectants and cleansing technology is essential to keep the surfaces of homes, schools, commercial spaces, and businesses safe and sanitized. This free guide provides coverage of COVID-19 disinfectants and cleaning technology.

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Within this updated pivotal resource guide, you’ll receive: 

  • Lists of top disinfection equipment technologies, suppliers, product name, and type
  • Overview of our verification process
  • Links to additional information on avoiding fraud

Key suppliers within this category that are featured in this guide include:


Steriliz, LLC specifies their major offering areas as UV DisInfections Systems, Infection Prevention, UV Disinfection for Dental Practices, UVC Disinfection for Long Term Care Facilities, and Hospital Room Disinfection.

Aura Technologies

AURA is responding to the “call to action” to help the rapidly evolving world health crisis occurring with the COVID-19 pandemic. Using our in-house experts*, we rapidly developed a system to decontaminate N-95 masks using UV-C light, resulting in our unique system, Puri-Vi™. This system we have developed and have already begun manufacturing and testing offers a unique capability to hospitals and doctor’s offices facing shortages of N-95 masks.

TOMI Environmental Solutions

TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. is a global bacteria decontamination and infectious disease control company, providing environmental solutions for indoor surface decontamination through the manufacturing, sales and licensing of its SteraMist brand products. SteraMist is an EPA registered sole active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide based product line that uses Binary Ionization Technology (BIT).

Swiss Industries 4.0 AG

Swiss Industries 4.0 AG provides hygiene products such as FFP2 masks, KN95 filter masks, clinical masks and protective clothing in large quantities. They are supporting the COVID-19 pandemic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) medical supplies effort.


Rensair is a hospital-grade portable air purifier that removes airborne pollutants and pathogens including the coronavirus, from indoor spaces. The patented technology uses the most advanced purification technology incl. HEPA13 filters and UVC light. With an effectiveness of >99.97% that has been proven by independent laboratories including Eurofins and Oslo University Hospital, Rensiar provides industry leading air purification. Rensair’s unique composition of the technology makes the difference. The position of the UVC light directed on the filter surface puts trapped pollutants under constant exposure. This exposure breaks down the DNA and RNA hence inactivating all trapped viruses and bacteria.