Covid-19: See latest data on suppliers and inventory

As 2020 continues, we are understanding that there is a first for everything! This holds true for the United States’ first retail chain that sells products to help combat the coronavirus.

“Covid-19 Essentials” stores have received a popular demand from Americans willing to put money where their mouth is for these stylized masks. Even though these retailers outwardly admit that they hope to go out of business due to a decreasing danger of Covid-19, they have certainly been very busy producing and selling these fashionable masks.

“Masks have evolved from a utilitarian, anything-you-can-find-that-works product into another way to express one’s personality, political leanings or sports fandom.”

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Not only does “Covid-19 Essentials” have innumerable mask options, but they also carry key-like devices for opening doors and pressing elevator buttons so the user will not have to touch these public amenities.

You can read The New York Times’ full article online and learn more about GovShop’s COVID-19 coverage online as well.

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