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Brothers Services Group has focused on providing Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs facilities with the most up-to-date energy savings and health benefit technologies including BAA/TAA compliant LED lighting, HVAC algorithm for the most efficient HVAC systems, and the most state of the art water purification system on the planet.

As part of the effort to serve as distributors of American-made LED lighting, Brothers Services Group has engaged with partners to provide state of the art BAA and TAA-compliant LED light fixtures for lighting upgrades at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda,MD and Ft Drum in New York. The projects were a successful collaboration of veteran-owned businesses to provide American-made products to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army enhancing lighting at the hospital and army base with the latest energy-saving and health promotion LED light fixtures.

We sat down with Brothers Services Group CEO Ken Sharp as he tells us about the company, problems they are solving, and how they are doing it.

Tell us about Brothers Services Group? 

BSG is a problem solver, solution provider. With over 40 years of general contracting and business experience, over 3,000 successfully completed projects involving at times complex situations, BSG has learned to listen to our clients’ expressed needs and develop the solutions to providing for those needs in a cost-effective and expedited means.

Tell us about how you got started in this space? 

BSG got started in the government space at a local level in the late 1990s doing federal to local municipality grant work projects for low-cost housing rehabilitation. These projects provided many jobs and training for the local workforce in addition to enhancing the values of homes for homeowners.

A number of years later, I was invited by the CEO of a Michigan-based SDVOSB, Trillamed LLC, who supplies medical equipment to the federal government, including the VA hospitals throughout the country, to help them develop an arm of their company to supply Buy American and TAA-compliant energy reducing products to the same federal agencies they were providing to. I was asked to investigate American manufacturers’ products in the fields of energy reduction, products such as LED lighting, solar panel systems, power factor correction and power cleaning systems, and vet/find suitable companies willing to partner to supply their products to the federal government. We continue with that same effort today both with BSG and TM.

What problem is Brothers Services Group solving? 

The specific problem BSG solves is determining the specific needs of the specific federal agency, then engaging vetted companies and their proposed products that fulfill the BAA/TAA compliance requirements and supplying their companies products direct to the agencies that need their products all through the somewhat cumbersome purchasing process.

What are some of the innovative solutions Brothers Services Group has coming up?

We are now presently offering our natural, safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly disinfectant, the Oxidis Aqueous Ozone Water Faucets. The Ozone Water Generating System produces ozone water direct from a faucet reducing any need for chemical disinfectants. Ozone water as a disinfectant is FDA-approved for killing viruses including the SARS-CoV-2 the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Ozone containing water has been used and is currently used for disinfecting water bottles that drinking water is put into and sold in the overall marketplace. This product, once purchased and installed, will eliminate the need to purchase chemical disinfectants.

Another innovative solution is a small drone security monitoring solution presently being used at our southern border and other areas to monitor movement. It is now being solicited by state and city police departments and others to help in security efforts.

Lastly, our Stellux UV Anti-virus Nanometer HEPA 13 Filtration Air-circulating LED Panel Light. A special technology LED light fixture that uses a combination of UV and Silver Nano-Technology Filtration to kill airborne bacteria and viruses.

Can you tell us how Brothers Services Group is addressing the needs that have come up because of COVID-19?

We believe the Ozone Water Faucets along with the Stellux Anti Virus air circulating LED light to be superior technologies in combatting the SARS2-Cov-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19. We also teamed with suppliers of an HVAC UV Germicidal remediation system to help.

Anything else that you would like us to know?

BSG is a family-owned company primarily run by a father and sons team. We pride ourselves in our integrity and ability to persist. Some of our sayings are “We Are Here To Serve,” “Everyone’s Happy Fuzzy at the start of a new project, we want Happy Fuzzy at the Completion!”, “Beat it to fit, paint it to match!” Additionally wanted to mention, Brothers is always looking for potential partners with novel technologies we can help to partner with similar and like-minded folks.

It was great speaking with Ken. Be sure to learn more about this innovative company by checking out their complete GovShop profile.