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LabWare is located in Wilmington, Del., and provides laboratory informatics solutions for organizations worldwide. LabWare’s products have been proven in a wide range of industries over a period of more than 30 years. Their sole purpose is to develop, market, and support laboratory informatics through the use of products, such as LabWare LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and LabWare ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook). LabWare employees have an average of 10+ years of industry experience to help their customers in over 90 countries.

We interviewed Eric Vest, VP of Government Affairs at LabWare, to learn more about the company’s products and services.

Tell us about LabWare.

LabWare is the market leader in Laboratory Information Management Systems and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks. The company is based in Wilmington, Del., and uses Smalltalk to develop both its LIMS and ELN. Their new product, the Portable Disease Surveillance Lab, provides LIMS functionality out in the field with fully portable patient registration and labeling. The Portable Disease Surveillance Lab also improves the speed, quality, and decision-making data for COVID-19 testing.

Tell us about how you got started in this space.

The company started in the late 80s to address the growing need for regulated industries to be able to track products back to manufacturing lots. Now, the company has expanded its reach to provide solutions for numerous industries, for example, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, environmental, forensic, and food & beverage. Some clients we provide software in the pharmaceutical industry are Pfizer, Merck, and Bristol Myers Squibb to name a few.

What problem is LabWare solving? Can you tell us how LabWare is addressing the challenges of COVID-19?

In particular, the Portable Disease Surveillance Lab (PDSL) tremendously improves the speed and quality of COVID-19 testing. By eliminating the need to hand-write labels and requisition forms, transcription is improved or outright eliminated with a direct interface between the PDSL and the lab’s computer system. Additionally, high priority specimens are tested with field Tangen GeneSpark diagnostic instruments that can provide results in less than 30 minutes. Test results and labels are sent to the cloud via LabWare’s interface. The kit has been proven effective in the state of Florida and Delaware by the DOH. In all, the mobile kit provides efficient and decision-making data sets for COVID-19 testing.

What are some of the innovative solutions LabWare has coming up? Anything we should be looking out for?

The PDSL is the only fully portable lab in the market, and it works with any mobile analyzer in addition to existing state public health infrastructures. Patients can be notified of their test results immediately once the results are created. In addition, we have an active GSA contract, many federal and state customers, and qualify as a small business.

It was great speaking with Eric. Be sure to learn more about LabWare’s informatics systems by visiting their complete GovShop profile.