Covid-19: See latest data on suppliers and inventory

NFI Masks produced respirators and masks during the rise of the pandemic to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Their masks are categorized into two types, a KN style mask which is a multi-layer mask, and a single-use face mask. The masks are 100% manufactured from raw materials within the United States, which has led to more domestic manufacturing jobs. The masks are primarily used for general non-medical use, with 3- 6 layers to prevent the transfer of viruses and bacteria. 

We sat down with President Todd Raines to discuss the production process of face masks in the midst of COVID-19. 

Tell us about NFI Masks.  

NFI Masks was created in May 2020 as an affiliate of National Filters, Inc. to separate our filtration manufacturing company from our new face mask business. We investigated this new market and found that it would be easier to create an affiliated company in order to have more traceability of production and product sales. 

Tell us about how you got started in this space.  

We were asked by various agencies back in March if we could make face masks since our primary industry was filtration manufacturing. We looked into the equipment required and ordered new automated mask lines to be more efficient and to have greater output. 

Can you tell us how NFI Masks is addressing the needs that have come up because of COVID-19? 

We are working towards our full FDA compliance, but we have sold millions of masks for non-medical settings. We have created 30 new jobs and expect to double the workforce within 6 months. We are also using only American made raw materials to provide a 100% American made product and to help do our part stimulating the economy. We are moving into a new 44k sq ft building in February and will be adding more equipment to grow our monthly capacity to 15 million masks per month.

It was great speaking with Todd. Be sure to learn more about NFI Masks by visiting their complete GovShop profile.