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On August 19, 2021, Public Spend Forum and GovShop, our AI-enabled Market Intelligence platform, hosted 4 innovative tech companies as part of our regular Emerging Tech and Innovation Showcase (apply or join by clicking on link).  We had four amazing emerging tech companies present including a power-house entrepreneur Tanya Barham who is blazing trails through her smart buidling tech focused on energy management, a hispanic owned company focused on forensic data collection, and two companies focused on managing IT infrastructure and hardware.  

Below are links to each of the companies GovShop profiles as well as their 5 minute pithces.

FieldForce: Cloud-based platform to manage infrastructure.

Easy Gather: Forensic data collection

Sepio Systems: Hardware access control platform

Community Energy Labs: Smart building technology to reinvent energy choice

Below are




Community Energy Labs is a smart building tech company that is reinventing energy choice. The company uses grid-smart building controls so that commercial building owners and facility managers can upgrade and autonomously operate clean, affordable, all-electric buildings without sacrificing occupant comfort, or disrupting power markets or the grid. Watch below to hear Founder and CEO, Tanya Barham, pitching her innovative solutions.





FieldForce is an innovative company that has built a radically simple cloud-based platform that enables infrastructure providers to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of their projects. The Fieldforce platform can be set up in under 24 hours and customized to your own processes. Users can manage projects, assets, locations, contractors, and work orders – all in one simple intuitive platform. Ryan Walberg, VP of Product, presented this innovative product. Watch below to hear his pitch:




Easy Gather by VIP Forensics is an innovative company whose tech solution is able to collect forensic data, including DNA and other residues, from people, crime scenes, and battlefields. Vincent I. Perez, Founder and President of VIP Forensics, presented this important solution. Watch below to hear his pitch:




Sepio Systems is a tech company that delivers a hardware access control (HAC) platform that reduces the risk of unapproved and rogue devices by providing complete visibility, control, and mitigation of all hardware assets. Sepio’s hardware fingerprinting, augmented by machine learning, discovers all managed, unmanaged, and hidden devices that are invisible to all other security tools. Sepio’s solution enhances Zero Trust, C2C, insider threat, CMMC, Section 889, BYOD, IT, OT, and IoT security programs. These impressive solutions were presented by Chen Ben-Eliyahu, Sepio’s VP of Business Development. Watch below to hear his pitch: