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What’s next in the emerging tech market? The Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B) are the new goggles designed to vastly improve a soldier’s ability to be able to accurately discern what they’re seeing under virtually any lighting conditions. These goggles are an upgrade from the soldiers’ traditional night vision goggles, which merely just brightened images with a phosphor-coated screen. The ENVG-B takes the green phosphor tubes and upgrades them to white ones that produce better contrast and brighter images, as well as including enhancements such as a thermal imager. 

According to Gizmodo, the military’s latest and greatest night vision goggles can even let a soldier remotely look through them and aim at a target without having to physically expose themselves to a threat. With augmented reality enhancements like real-time edge detection to enhance and outline objects like fellow troops, the ENVG-B may just be a game-changer for the Department of Defense. If they continue to work as planned, consumers may even get the chance to try the goggles out for themselves!

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