Covid-19: See latest data on suppliers and inventory
Thu, Aug 18, 2022 2:00 PM‒ 3:00 PM EDT
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Getting Visibility Into Suppliers, Markets and Industries Has Never Been More Important!

Whether you are trying to find emerging/diverse suppliers, or trying to understand an industry, finding information on markets and suppliers can be difficult to say the least. Typical methods of market/industry research can help but are still limited.

Our BARRIERS TO ENTRY work with Professor Rob Handfield has further validated that lack of market data is one of the biggest barriers in government markets.

Join Professor Rob Handfield and Raj Sharma as we discuss issues with data and what can be done about it to create market/supplier visibility so:

  • Buyers can find the companies, capabilities, and solutions they need as well as rapidly understand industries
  • Suppliers, especially small, emerging and diverse companies can find the best government buyers for their solutions

What we will cover:

  • Issues with market data including poor quality, incompleteness and accessibility
  • Current approaches and their limitations
  • New methods and sources
  • Case studies covering two recent supplier/industry analyses

See you there!



Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum & GovShop
Founder & CEO
Rob Handfield
Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, NC State University
Founder and Executive Director