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Below is a collection of short videos to help you get started and make your research more effective on GovShop. If you need any assistance with your searches or profile, contact us at [email protected]

How to Conduct Government Market Research Using GovShop

The first video in this multi-part playlist provides an overview of GovShop, the one stop shop for government market research that helps contracting professionals find government contracting companies, and helps companies be found by target agencies and buyers!

GovShop Market Research Demonstration for USAF - Covid 19 Response

How to Search, Find & Filter Government Contracting Companies in GovShop

In this video, we also go inside the supplier profiles and show you how each section contains information relevant to your government market research needs.

How to Lookup NAICS codes, Product Service Codes and NIGP Codes with GovShop

In this video, we’ll walk through the commodity codes contained in GovShop and show you how to lookup NAICS and PSC codes in a flash.

How to Use the List of Government Contracts, GSA Schedules & IDIQs in GovShop

Leveraging multi-agency vehicles like GSA Schedules, IDIQs and cooperative purchase agreements is a great way to reduce procurement acquisition lead time and take advantage of the government’s buying power to reduce prices and improve outcomes. GovShop makes it easy to do market research on the entire list of government contracts that are available to government contracting professionals.

How to Create a List of Government Contractors During Market Research on GovShop

A free account is required to save lists, but we have made the process very easy. After watching this video, you’ll be creating lists and saving your top government contractors in no time!

GovShop Overview

Watch this 2 minute video to get a quick overview of GovShop.

Key Features of GovShop to Use for Supplier Research

Quickly find out the key features of GovShop that can get you on your way to searching, finding, saving, sharing supplier lists and more.

Using the Right Keywords for Your Supplier and Market Research

How to Create Your Supplier List Through Filters

Finding Valuable Information in a Supplier Profile

Searching Cooperative Contracts on GovShop

Cooperative contracts are a valuable tool for local and state governments. Watch this video on how you can search for cooperatives on GovShop.

Techniques for Effective Market Research (Earn CLPs)

Watch and learn our highly acclaimed market research approach and get on your way to becoming a Market Research Hero!


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