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Search and Match with Suppliers
AI-powered fast and easy search for suppliers, contracts and codes - so you can filter from a comprehensive set of suppliers to shortlist the most qualified ones for your solicitation. Source talented companies for your next opportunity by accessing their digital capabilities statements for a high-resolution view of emerging, non-traditional and small businesses across markets.
Review and Track Government Opportunities
Access more than 100,000 open government solicitations from across Federal, state, local and international agencies on GovShop. GovShop’s machine learning algorithm reads over 70 sources to match you to open opportunities based on your preferred keywords. You can also track open solicitations as they progress and are updated - a powerful feature especially for those without large capture teams and the bandwidth to monitor this manually.
Find Market Intelligence
Leverage a rich ecosystem of buyers, suppliers, partners, academics, accelerators and many more as resources that lead to superior procurement outcomes in GovCon. GovShop lowers the barriers to entry into government markets by providing you with access to deep market expertise through research, events, trainings and much more to strengthen your strategies in public procurement.
Testimonials of Our Clients
Public Spend Forum and GovShop platform users span US Federal, state and local governments and suppliers as well as an increasing number of international users
The... features in GovShop are a gamechanger. With inclusion of hundreds of thousands of non-traditional vendors and the ability to search by socio-economic status and by proximity to an installation we can reach far deeper into the commercial vendor base, increase small business participation and increase competition. And we can do this instantaneously.
Director, Strategic Sourcing, Air Force
Trusted by Industry Leaders
Private companies, industry groups, and researchers create a company profile for their business that buyers can search using our machine-learning enhanced technology.
Companies can search through thousands of open government solicitations to accelerate business development.
All in a single marketplace.
Air Force
Hospital Association
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