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GovShop is a high-resolution supplier intelligence platform and ecosystem designed specifically to help government find the right suppliers and partners for every need.

Our Purpose - To Create Open Government Markets

The $10 trillion government market is closed, where governments don't have the information they need to find the right suppliers and partners. And suppliers of all types face many barriers to working with government.

We believe, better and more comprehensive supplier data can be a catalyst for creating "open government markets" so governments and suppliers can effectively work and innovate together. Governments benefit from finding the best suppliers. Suppliers benefit from lower barriers. Most importantly, we all benefit from a more transparent and open marketplace that helps drive solutions and outcomes for citizens and society at large. Come join us as we create Open Government Markets !

Government agencies are performing thousands of searches daily

Passional government buyers and program managers at the federal, state and local levels are conducting thousands of searches on GovShop daily.

Finding suppliers quickly for a project is great and THIS IS HUGE!
Department of Defense Buyer on GovShop

Suppliers from all industries are joining our global ecosystem

Suppliers representing all industries are claiming/registering their company profiles and adding new information so government buyers can easily find them.

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Our team is led by the Public Spend Forum executive team and our advisors, who collectively include entrepreneurs, tech innovators, former government leaders and global public procurement experts, all with a passion for the public sector and public procurement.

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