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With the threat of cyber crime increasing in recent decades, government agencies have become one of the most common targets for malware attacks. Even outside of state and local government, cyber criminals often exploit the unprotected third party solutions provided by vendors who sell to the public sector. These cyber crimes not only threaten to expose confidential government data, but can also be extremely costly for government bodies to fix.

StateRAMP is a non-profit partnership organization that aims to prevent these exploits through education, advocacy, and policy development that supports a strong but fair cybersecurity standards. StateRAMP protects data, reduces risk, and simplifies cybersecurity management by providing government agencies with a standardized method for cloud security verification.

The organization offers IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS solutions that represent the shared interests of state and local governments, third party assessment organizations, and service providers. StateRAMP’s leadership team includes 13 current and former government officials who have led the organization to adopt 8 policy documents and log over 1,000 steering committee meeting hours in 2020. These shared interests and time investments verify that established cybersecurity policies are maintained.

Emphasizing the values of transparency, standardization, and community, StateRAMP works to bring together service providers, policy makers, industry experts, and government officials to drive the future of cybersecurity. These connections to service providers and local government also enable StateRAMP to assist secure cloud service in growing their business.