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A new combat drone has been created by Kelley Aerospace, that can surpass speeds of more than 1,500mph, faster than the speed of sound!

‘Arrow’, the unmanned drone, is approximately the size of a small spaceship and made of carbon fibre. Kelley Aerospace already has over 100 pre-orders of the combat aerial vehicle (UCAV). It’s currently priced between $9 million and $16 million, which within the field is considered a ‘relatively low price’.

This supersonic drone is also built for multiple combat roles and is designed for revealing infrared signatures as well as uses reduced radar cross-sections. The monocoque design of Arrow allows for incredible strength and stiffness. Kelley Aerospace has also said that there will be a manned version of Arrow will be able to control several unmanned Arrow drones, each with different missions and weapon sets. They could also be controlled by two ground station controllers. In addition to air missions, the company said the Arrow can be deployed for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance tasks.

The Arrow has been a project that Kelley Aerospace has been working on for many years. Their first prototype of the drone was demonstrated in 2014. Despite having developed one of the most evolutionary drones, Kelley Aerospace isn’t done yet and is also beginning to develop a supersonic business jet. Two prototypes of the jet are being tested throughout the company’s properties. They have also already created a subsonic UAV programme known as the Black Eagle UAV.

Clearly, Kelley Aerospace is shaping out to be a front runner in drone technology. More information on emerging drone technologies and  aerospace developments can be found on GovShop, our free supplier and contract intelligence platform. As part of the ongoing effort of Public Spend Forum to connect buyers and suppliers in up and coming technology fields, a list of suppliers in aerospace can be found here.