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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad umbrella catchall for a slew of technological advances, including but not limited to machine learning and automation. Builtin estimates that AI could add as much as $15.7 trillion to the global GDP by the year 2030. Several publicly traded companies innovating in AI are noted by Builtin as primary innovators in subset industries: 


Veritone uses an AI operating system which suggest action based on its learning process. This system is being used to rifle through millions of hours of audio and video for big league companies like Uber and ESPN. Scanning audio recordings can then be analyzed for quality control purposes, identifying issues with customer complaints, and work toward resolutions from there. 

NVIDIA manufactures graphics-processor tech and has installed its deep learning GPUs into the first wave of Tesla’s autonomous vehicles. The deep learning capabilities of these GPUs only grows with time and innovation; currently, Teslas are equipped with vision, sonar, and radar processing to enable advanced functions like self-driving. 

Splunk is currently used by Hyatt hotels to centralize its data. Splunk makes use of machine learning to be applied to security, IT, and business practices. Splunk’s data platform can categorize data, detect anomalies, and make predictions. 

Synopsys has used its processor for developing AI tools and solutions for a variety of industries. They’ve partnered with Graphcore to roll out a chip which accelerates AI computing. 

QuickLogic uses cognitive sensing technology in IoT devices and drones. Their software platform helps these devices analyze and “learn” their surroundings. 

BrainChip offers software and hardware for AI and machine learning. They work with technology that is enabled to “learn” autonomously. BrainChip touts their system Akida as 100 times more efficient at processing images than those of IBM and Intel. 

Google is well established in the realm of machine learning and AI. Its start as a search engine necessitated further advancing the technology to improve their searching capabilities. Google’s machine learning tools now offer more possibilities in fields like healthcare and disaster relief. Specifically, Google DeepMind uses AI to solve complex problems in science and industry. It already displayed prowess in identifying and recommending treatments for more than 50 eye diseases on par with top experts. 

Salesforce is a cloud computing company that focuses on customer relationship management and the Salesforce Government CRM helps federal, state, and municipal organizations strengthen relationships between the public sector and citizens. The company uses AI to predict and automate processes that help analytics teams more accurately craft their messages and forecast outcomes.

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