Covid-19: See latest data on suppliers and inventory

GovShop is continuing to directly support the COVID-19 response with free, up-to-date data on suppliers and inventory. We are working closely with government organizations to address critical shortages for testing kits, ventilators, respirators, personal protective equipment (PPE), and more.

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We’re also highlighting sources that are covering valuable information like this article by The New York Times’ Jonathan Forum, Sui-Lee Wee, and Carl Zimmer. It gives readers a detailed account of the tracking status on the coronavirus vaccine. Even though most vaccines take many years before distributed to the masses, researchers and scientists worldwide are working to find an effective coronavirus vaccine by next year. This article delves into distinct phases concerning the trials’ development cycle, from lab to clinic.

The first section pertains to the “preclinical testing” cycle in which animals are used as test subjects to verify immune responses. Here are a few suppliers at this stage:
“Phase 1” pertains to a number of safety trials. A small number of people test safety and dosage amounts to figure out which percentage stimulate the immune system. The list below includes companies at this stage:
“Phase 2” is an expansion of the previous phase, with hundreds of people ranging from children to the elderly. Take a look below at suppliers in this stage:
“Phase 3” continues to expand the trials to test the efficacy of the vaccine. Scientists work with thousands of people to analyze how effective the vaccine is. Volunteers will receive either the actual vaccine or a placebo.
The “Approval” stage is the researches’ goal to become licensed. However, the vaccine will still be motioned to ensure its ongoing effectiveness and level of safety.
Within each of these phases, there are different types of vaccines. The article goes into depth about genetic vaccines, viral vector vaccines, protein-based vaccines, and repurposed vaccines.
To track which companies are involved with which stages, and to learn more about the distinct coronavirus vaccines, read the complete article!
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