Covid-19: See latest data on suppliers and inventory

The key to Covid-19 detection may be paw-ssible with our furry canine friends!

In Maui, Hawaii, a nonprofit training facility is utilizing dogs’ superior sense of smell to detect cases of the virus. The four pups – one golden retriever and three Labrador retrievers are being trained to detect the virus via smell. They are given sweat samples collected from random patients on fabric – both with negative and positive results. As the retrievers go through the lineup, they are being trained to alert their handler if they come across a positive swab.

Maureen Maurer, executive director of Assistance Dogs of Hawaii, adds, “While we wait for samples, we just teach them to be alert to other target scents, so they’re learning to go through the lineup, ignore the negative samples, find the target and get a reward,” she said. “They learn quickly, so the training is the easy part. The challenging thing is collecting enough samples.”

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