Covid-19: See latest data on suppliers and inventory

As 2020 comes to a close, many are optimistic as vaccines are approved and distributed. Vaccination is an effective public health measure to prevent and control a number of infectious diseases. But since vaccines are biological products and sensitive to hot and cold, they need to be maintained within a narrow range of temperatures, often referred to as the ‘cold-chain.’ This refers to the preservation of consistent temperatures for refrigerated vaccines from manufacture through delivery to health care facilities. In every step of the cold chain, vaccines require a cold temperature range for their storage, or they will lose their efficacy. As per the CDC, cold chain storage requirements for each COVID-19 vaccine will vary from refrigerated (2°C to 8°C), frozen (-15° to -25°C), ultra-cold (-60° to -80°C) temperatures.

GovShop, powered by Public Spend Forum’s expertise in data and procurement, is providing supplier verification, contract identification, and real-time inventory availability in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response efforts. Here, we highlight our newest supplier category, cold storage, within our coronavirus (COVID‑19) dataset.

Below, we have highlighted suppliers from this category but for the full list of suppliers, please visit the GovShop category page.

PHC Biomed

PHC Corporation Of North America dba PHC Biomed specifies their major offering areas as: Biomedical Products, Validation Services, Onsite Services, Factory Acceptance Testing Services, and Temperature Mapping Services. Biomedical Products include: Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (-86ºC), Cryogenic Freezers (-150°C), Biomedical Freezers (-30°C), Pharmaceutical Refrigerators, Autoclaves, Cell Processing Work Station, and Incubators.

Labrepco, LLC

Labrepco, LLC specifies their major offering areas as: Laboratory Cold Storage Products, Hoods & Containment, Cell Culture Equipment, Pharmacy & Clinical Equipment, Instruments General Lab Equipment, Lab Animal Science/Vivarium Research, Laboratory Furniture and Storage, and Washing and Sterilization Equipment.

American Biotech Supply

American Biotech Supply specifies their major offering areas as Refrigerators, Freezers, Cryogenic Equipment, Specialty Products, and Accessories.

Dietary Equipment Company

Dietary Equipment Company specifies their major offering areas as COVID Vaccine Freezers, Commercial Display Cooking/Flambe Carts, Cooking Equipment, Disposables, Drink Service, Equipment Maintenance & Parts, Food Prep, Furniture, Healthcare, Ice Machines, Industry-Specific Equipment, Janitorial Supplies, Kitchen Supplies & Smallware, Refrigeration, Shelving & Storage, Tabletop, Warewashing, and Work Tables.

CSafe Global

CSafe Global specifies their major offering areas as Cold Chain Shipping Solutions. Cold Chain Shipping Solutions include: Parcel Boxes, Couriers, and Mobile Refrigeration.


Mecotec GmbH specifies their major offering areas as: Cyro Chambers, Cold Air Therapy Devices, and Industrial Solutions. Industrial Solutions include: Cold Storage Solutions and Process Refrigeration.

So-Low Environmental Equipment Co.

So-Low Environmental Equipment Co. specifies their major offering areas as: Mini Freezers, Lab Chest Freezers, Low-Temperature Freezers, Ultra-Low Freezers, Large Capacity Freezers, Laboratory Freezers, Touchscreen Refrigerators, Walk-In Freezers, and Laboratory Ovens.

Stirling Ultracold

Stirling Ultracold specifies their major offering areas as Ultra-Low Freezers.

Midland Scientific, Inc.

Midland Scientific, Inc. specifies their major offering areas as Chemicals Products, Chromatography, Consumables And Supplies, Equipment And Instruments, Furniture and Fixtures, Life Science, Liquid Handling, Refrigerators and Freezers, and Safety Products.

360 Medical

360 Medical specifies their major offering areas as: Medical and Laboratory Products, Vaccine Refrigerators, Medical Refrigerators, Scientific Refrigerators, Laboratory Refrigerators, Ultra Low-Temperature Freezers, Traceable Thermometers, Temperature Monitoring Solutions, and Sushi Freezers.

VWR International, LLC

VWR International, LLC is a part of Avantor Performance Materials. VWR International specifies their major offering areas as Life Sciences Solutions, Healthcare Solutions, e-Commerce/Mobile Technology Solutions, e-Procurement Services, Electronics Products, Avantor Services, Custom Manufacturing Services, Biomedical Freezers, and Ultra-Cold Freezers.

Vestfrost Solutions

Vestfrost Solutions dba A/S Vestfrost specifies their major offering areas as Biomedical Freezers, Cold Chain Solutions, Wine Storage Solutions, and Food & Beverage Storage Solutions. Biomedical Freezers include: -86°C ULT Freezer, -60°C Freezer, -45°C Freezer, and -25°C Freezer. Cold Chain Solutions include: Solar Refrigerators, Solar Freezers, Solar Panels, Grade A Freeze Protection, Icelined Refrigerators, and Vaccine/Icepack Freezers. Wine Storage Solutions include: Upright Coolers, Upright Freezers, Chest Coolers, Chest Freezers, and Can Coolers.

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