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E-Learning technologies have revolutionized learning for both educators and students, increasing access, lowering cost and improving learning outcomes in some cases. Below we highlight a few companies that are working with public sector agencies across federal, state and local governments in the US and abroad.

1. Paradiso Solutions: Paradiso Solutions provides Paradiso LMS that checks all the 4 points (Utility, Price, Maintenance, and Mobile Compatibility) making it one of the best e-learning software providers. In addition to providing off-the-shelf courses, it also specializes in Virtual Classroom, Mobile LMS, LMS for Training, and Salesforce LMS.

Moreover, it offers multi-language LMS, integrating with hundreds of companies globally, keeping its major focus on creating a user-friendly platform. Aside from External Recognition, Paradiso Solutions has also been awarded multiple SLED Awards.

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2. Coursera: Coursera was co-founded in 2012 by Daphne Koller which has lately gained more popularity globally and is a recognized E-Learning platform with multiple awards.

Amongst which the most recent were EdTech Awards 2020, and The People’s Voice. They were also awarded numerous SLED and Prime Awards. In addition to providing Business Courses, Certifications, and a vast variety of learning programs, they also cover full-fledged Degree Programs in collaboration with many universities. With a mission to provide universal access to world-class learning, Coursera has become a B Corp in February 2021.

3. Riiid Labs: Highlighting the fact their name contains “rid” in it, one of the primary focuses of Riiid is to eliminate insufficiency, inequality, and inconsistency with subject to education and learning. Riiid Labs is a small disadvantaged business that is breaking barriers to provide high-quality, personalized education accessible to everyone regardless of their socio-economic status.

Most recently, Riiid was honored as one of the innovative startups in 2021 amongst the 100 most promising private artificial intelligence companies in the world. It’s remarkable how much they’ve achieved in such a short span by revolutionizing learning technology.

4. Duolingo: Learning has never been fun until Duolingo was introduced. With more than 300 million users globally and the most downloaded application in the education category, it’s safe to say that Duolingo is a prominent learning platform. what makes it so interesting is their methodology which consists of real-life communication, standout content, and implicit learning.

It was never so easy to learn a new language which is rather amusing. Their primary focus is to provide access to a private tutor experience through technology and education with equality.

5. Global Immersive Group(GigXR): Formed in 2019 by a remarkable team of educators, 3D designers, Global Immersive Group (GigXR) is addressing the traditional shortcomings with cutting-edge technology and training solutions.

Their product HoloPatient and HoloHuman is transforming the usage of mixed reality solutions for a superior learning outcome. GigXR established its footprint by rendering services to critical institutions of the ecosystem, the Federal Government, Microsoft, and even the National Health Service. In addition to meeting the requirements of Federal Agencies, they also foster services to healthcare providers.

6. TorranceLearning: Torrance Learning is a customized learning and Ed-Tech firm located in Chelsea, Michigan. It is a woman-led small business that was certified as a “great place to work” in June 2021-June 2022.

Being one of the early adapters and leaders in the xAPI community that gained traction along with the progression of LMS and LRS products in the marketplace, Torrance Learning is also an awardee of both  Federal and SLED Awards. Furthermore, they were also honored with HCM Excellence Awards, xAPI Hyperdrive, Demo Fest, and Excellence in Technology Award.

7. ELearning Brothers: E-Learning brothers as the name suggests was started by two brothers in 2009 in a basement where all the brilliant ideas are born. Within a time spell of a year, they’ve received extraordinary awards from both Federal and Private agencies. A few examples are- Top e-Learning Provider 2021, Choice Awards 2021, Bronze in Excellence Learning, and multiple Federal Awards. E-Learning Brothers offer more than a handful number of products collectively in Learning Management System, Virtual Reality, Gamification, Course Authoring, and Custom Solutions.

8. Instructure: Founded in 2008, Instructure is one of the top education technology companies with brilliant brains in leadership whose main philosophy is benefitting millions of teachers and students worldwide. With over 6 million concurrent users, and over 90% best-in-class customer satisfaction score, Instructure also helps students assess their skills through pathway finder and program-level assessment. They were also recognized as best K-12 course, Best in LMS, and Best Advance in Learning Management Technology.

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9. Newsela: With a prime focus on providing meaningful classroom learning for every student, Newsela is named as one of the ‘Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2 years in a row. A feature that sets them apart is social-Emotional Learning along with Distance Learning, and Newsela Certified Educator Program. They were also recognized with various SLED awards and are committed to bringing authentic, engaging, diverse, and accessible content to all learners

10. intellAdapt: intellAdapt is a woman-owned business that allows employers, educators, and others to create rich, adaptive 2.0 digital courses, with intuitive step-by-step instructions.

Along with K-12 education, they’re also a part of Public Spend Forum’s GovMarket Growth Program, as well as Public Spend Forum and Shatter Fund’s Women-Led Tech Accelerator Cohort. With the help of the Data-Driven Approach, they adjust themselves to the learning pace of the student, along with providing customized presentation and learning.

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