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Moth + Flame, a startup that combines artistic prowess with engineering excellence to produce immersive virtual reality content, is helping prepare military service members to aid peers in emotional distress. In support of the U.S. Air Force’s mission to prepare airmen for engaging someone in emotional distress to get help, Moth+Flame will be the tech company developing the suicide prevention training.

The company’s PromiseVR and READY VR training platforms, powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, offer innovative, adaptive learning programs for hard and soft skills – perfect for what the Air Force is trying to achieve. With their Small Business Innovation Research contract award, Moth+Flame has created a voice-activated simulation for participants to interact with a man named Mike, who is in clear emotional distress, with the goal of getting him to seek help.

Within the coming months, the module will go out to about 500 airmen of mixed ranks to get more feedback. Additionally, there will also be modules for supervisors, first sergeants, and spouses. Read more about how virtual reality is helping the U.S. Air Force service members to support peers in emotional distress here.

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