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GovShop Data and Functionality

GovShop has a growing list of suppliers, including startups, emerging technology firms, new and small businesses who want to sell products and services to the government. Many of the suppliers listed on GovShop are qualified to do business with the government and others are noted as interested in government.

Comprehensive Profiles

GovShop “high resolution” supplier profiles provide comprehensive information
  • Basic Demographic Data
  • Products And Offerings
  • Capabilities
  • Experience
  • Locations

GovShop Search and Filter Functionality

There are three easy ways to search in GovShop

By Keywords

i.e. Google

By Commodity Codes

i.e. PSC and NAICS codes

By Contract Vehicles

i.e. GSA Schedules
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Take Notes
Take private and secure notes on supplier profiles for future reference

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